Wednesday, November 28, 2007 - problem solved

I was getting error emails from the site saying that the code that I put for the ad on this website was not working. I could see the ad so ws not really sure why the errors kept coming. I contacted help quite a few times and eventually got this reply :

As for the other page, the problem here is that we have a small issue with ads being shown on blogger websites. When you put the code on there, the [blogger] system changes some of the code we provide which causes the spider not to find the ad. We are working on an update to the spider and ads which will mean that this will no longer be a problem - this should be sorted in the next week or so, so until then please just disregard the emails you get regarding that site!

As this is a beta version then it is not surprising that there will be errors but it seems very good so far. I should be getting £71 next month from them which is fantastic - just in time for Christmas.

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