Saturday, November 03, 2007

Research Before You Buy

Today I bought a coffee maker for my husband for Christmas. He already had an idea of what he wanted and had read a lot of reviews on Amazon of different types of machine before we went to the shops. We had a look in 3 shops. One was only promoting one brand and it only took one brand of coffee. I tried a sample and didnt like it so that shop was out. The other two shops had a brand which took differnt coffees and my husband was particularly keen on this brand. Both shops had deals on the machines which were priced in the area that we were willing to pay. Having read about then we knew they did the same thing. One was £30 dearer and came with £50 worth of free items only one of which we needed and could buy for £10 so although it was tempting to go for 6 free cups and saucers and a shaker but we have some already and we ended up saving some money.

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