Thursday, November 01, 2007

Review of last months earnings

If you looked at my earlier post showing my earnings from October you may notice a slight change in earning pattern. I am not relying so heavily on pay per click sites to earn money, although I do still use them. I have found that writing sponsored blog posts and selling advertising on my blog are far better at bringing in money and so I am concentrating on that area. I am afraid that will mean that my blog will have a lot more sponsored posts but I do identify them as sponsored most of the time so my regular readers should be able to spot them pretty easily.

I was thrilled with my earnings - it was one of my better months. It was helped by Google Adsense paying out and selling 3 ad spots on my blog. Plus an online friend gave me a lot of sponsored posts to put on my blogs. I have invested in a friends project which seems a much better prospect than banking the money as the return should be much higher.

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