Friday, November 09, 2007

Waterproof Memo Boards

I have decided that I really need to sell some Waterproof Memo Boards and try to take advantage of the Christmas market. However, I am having little sucess with my marketing at the moment. I have tried different ways of advertising and am not really sure where the best market lies. I have therefore decided to set up lots of auctions on eBay putting the board in lots of different categories. I have started the price at just 99p. This is to find out not only which category it does best in but also what price they sell for - to find out whether my pricing is too high or too low. I think I will have to run the 'experiment' several times to find out whether the results are consistent, but it will be great if it helps me identify the best market to aim the boards at. If you want to look at the eBay auction then please click here.

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