Thursday, November 01, 2007

Website Review : Just a Thought

Just a Thought is a personal blog written by David Woon. It is a collection of his thoughts about life. He encourages his readers to look at his articles and then share their views on the topics that he has raised. He covers issues such as romance, religion and finance. I like the way he cleverly take a current issue such as over spending and creates a detailed article about how he conducts his life in relation to the issue or what his thoughts are on it. The articles are written in an inviting manner so they do entice you to think about the issues and post your comments on the blog. Despite the fact that he is from Singapore, his use of English is flawless (which is more than I can say for mine and I was born in the UK!) The articles are detailed an interesting and well worth a look if you require your thoughts to be provoked on a series of interesting topics. So if you want to read some interesting views on the world or what to share your views with someone who wants to listen then I would highly recommend taking a look at David Woon's blog.

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