Friday, November 02, 2007

Website Review : Money Options

Money Options are an Irish company which specialise in helping people to purchase their home or remortgage to a more suitable lender. They also offer loan consolidation services if you need this type of thing. They can also help self-employed people - as it can be tricky getting a mortgage when you do not have a guaranteed income, they will lend if you do not have two years of accounts, which is what is normally required by money lenders. They also offer buy to let mortgages for 90% of the house value. This is very good as most companies expect you to deposit at least a quarter of the value of the property. They also offer first time buyers 100% mortgages, if they have not managed to save any money towards a deposit on a property. They even help council tennants with the purchase of their house by offering them a 100% mortgage option too. They can even offer life insurance and home insurance as well as discounted legal fees to help keep all of your spending down to a minimum. So if you are looking for a Bad Credit Mortgage Ireland or just want some extra help with buying your property, another property or want to remortgage then Money Options should be able to help you out.

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This website is better I liked it quite a lot