Friday, November 02, 2007

Website Review : Protected

Protected is a life insurance website. It is bright and friendly looking which is unusual for a site of this type. They offer a service where they can compare life insurance policies so that you can get an online quote and even apply online should you find something that suits your needs. There is an interesting section on the home page which explains about the different types of life insurance and what they are for i.e. to protect a repayment mortgage or to provide financial security for your loved ones. It explains what the main differences between them are and you can go on and get a quotation for the type that you are looking for. They also have a selection of life insurance articles so that you can find out more about life insurance, what the types are, what risks there are and some tips for buying. So if you are looking for new insurance, want to change your current provider or just want some mor einformation about insurance policies then this site is well worth a look.

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