Wednesday, December 26, 2007

If you take a look on the forum there are a lot of articles at the moment by people who have been paid thousands of pounds by them. I can believe them too as I am doing really well myself. As an upgraded member I earn a minimum of 20 cents per day (but normally more). Then my referrals earn money for me as well. I have not calculated how much I make exactly but I think it is about $20 a month and I have only 48 referrals. I am contemplating buying more to see whether I can increase my earnings significantly, but I am going to earn back the money I spent on upgrading my membership and buying referrals first (which was $59 for my upgrade and $50 on referrals). I have earned $72 so far so a few months to go yet). I woudl encourage people to join as it is a good earner and I am sure that referrals are more likely to be active as there are so many ads to click every day.

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