Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Changes at Adbux

Adbux has recently announced that it will be no longer paying its customers using Paypal. This is quite a big blow for a lot of people and I must admit that I considered giving up on the site. However, I have invested money in upgrading my membership and buying referrals so decided to keep going and try to get back as much of my investment as possible. In order to do this I had to open an account with Alertpay. Adbux will now only accept and make payments using them and if you do not have an account you will not be able to be paid. They have changed everyones profile pages now deleting their Paypal details and allowing you to enter the Alertpay ones. Alertpay was incredibly easy to register with and although the charges are higher than Paypal (especially for non US residents) I have come round to thinking that as a lot of companies are not being allowed to use Paypal anymore that perhaps I am going to have to rely on using them more and more.

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