Thursday, January 03, 2008

My Review of the Year

Well it really has been a fantastic year for my turn one pound into one million business. I have been increasing my income rapidly and having great fun at the same time. I thought you might be interested in seeing how my earnings have grown since I started in February.

February - £11.99
March - £165.78
April - £74.92
May - £66.35
June - £377.41
July - £375.59
August - £300.56
September - £249.32
October - £371.43
November - £402.96
December - £489.24

It is not quite on John Chow's earning scale - he earned $180,000 in 2007 just from his blog. However, I feel very positive about the upwardly direction that my earnings are taking and his earnings just make me feel determined to get my share of the blog pie!


Yanjiaren said...

great know I like your the wya you know I am doing a similar thing.I am going also to put my earnings on monthly..I need to give my blogs a gooood tweaking..hugz and happy new Year from me and Jem Invest.

Rachel said...

Thank you very much, I look forward to seeing your earnings increasing too