Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Website Review : Hotels by City

I am going away this weekend for a party. I used to live in a different town when I first met my husband and one of his friends is having a 30th birthday party. It will go on quite late and so we decided to have a look at cheap hotels to stay in so that we could make a weekend of it. My mother agreed to have the children so we can make the most of having some time together - something which we do not have much of as I work pretty much all of the time unless the children need me. To find a cheap hotel, especially in this town, which is quite near to London, can be quite tricky. If you are in a similar situation and want to find hotels then Hotels by City is a website which could help. It has hotels in cities all over the world and a simple search facility to make it easy for you to find something which suits your needs. They even have flight and car information in case you need it and they have hotel guides. So if you are booking a holiday or a weekend away, take a look and see whether you can find some bargains.

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