Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Forum Posting

Wel I have been trying my hand at paid forum posting over the last few days. It does not pay very well and is a lot more work that paid blogging. I will give it a try for a bit longer but hopefully I can find something that will pay better soon.


2ThePoint said...

Hi Rachel

I've tried forum posting too and I admit it can be a bit hard going, but it's something to do in-between the in-betweenedness (is that a word? It should be!), rather than a long-term move.

I tend to pick the ones I think I'll really enjoy posting up on. I did a football forum just to add a bit of femininity up in the testosterone-filled joint. And I joined a ghost forum which was quite interesting.

Anyway, good luck with you. I was in Stroud once for a couple of days - performing at a festival/ running a workshop in a school. The air's definitely a lot fresher than in London.


Rachel said...

It is making me some money and helping me out durig this dry spell of work. I got a bonus payment form someone this morning because they were impressed by the quality of my posts so that was great!