Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Pure Profile

I spend quite lot of time promoting the Pure Profile site on this blog. Unfortunately I have my doubts about them now. I am very close to reaching the minimum account balance for payout. Since I reached this amount I have had no survey opportunities. This has been the case for several months now and I am suspicious that they will make sure that I do not reach the minimum amount so they do not have to pay me. It is of course possible that they just have no surveys at present so itw oudl be interesting to hear from anyone who is a member to find out how they are finding things. Thank you.

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Ian said...

Hello Rachel,

Thanks for your support. I work for pureprofile and can assure you that there's no strategy to deny anyone reaching the redemption tipping point. We work very hard to ensure the best possible panels for our research surveys and are making more transparent our selection process so you'll be kept informed about your survey rating and eligibility.

We're also working hard to provide more useful redemption options as well as cash. Can't say too much right now but you'll see changes soon.

Kind Regards,
Ian Lyons