Monday, February 11, 2008

Website Review : Endowment Express

If you have a mortgage the chances are that you might also have an endowment which you are investing in to pay it off. Perhaps you have become worried about the lack of money your endowment is making or even have invested in a new product to ensure you have enough money to pay off your mortgage. You may have even considered selling your endowment to get hold of the lump sum to invest elsewhere. This isn't always easy as you are usually tied in and can lose a lot of money when you cash them in. Endowment Express is a company which specialise in Selling Endowments. They look at all of the major buyers of endowments to try to get you the best price that you can get for surrendering your policy. You just need to fill in one form online and you can get a free quotation. They will take on any with-profits endowment. So if you want to release the money in your endowment it could be worth taking a look at their website and seeing what they can do for you and whether they can get you a better price for it than other companies that you contact.

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