Friday, March 28, 2008

Am I Becoming too Money Obsessed?

Everything I do is centered around money. I earn a smuch as I can each day and think about ways to save. I searh for dropped coins on the street and rack by brains to think of ways to pay my mortgage off early on a daily basis.

Sometimes I wonder if this is healthy? I know people think I am greedy and silly but I would love it if I could have money to pass onto my children and could let my husband retire early. I think also that I woudl go completely mad if I didn't have some goals to aim towards.


John said...

No, I can see where you're coming from. I mean, yeah when you husband starts earning more things will get better. I understand where you're at this month. But as of right now, it's fine to be this way. It's goal oriented which is good. When I see extra money in my PayPal account from a sale, I get such a good feeling inside. I just want to get debt free and you want to get rid of your mortgage. There's nothing wrong with that.

Rachel said...

I can see your point - I just wonder sometimes whether people who are not so concerned about money think that I am completely mad!!