Thursday, March 13, 2008

Be a Best Selling Author

I have written a few books and self published and I am now writing articles to make some extra money. However, a lot of people have greater dreams and want their books to becomes best selling ones. Imagine winning a prize for your writing or becoming a New York Times Best Selling author. It seems a bit of a dream but with the right training you coudl learn how to do it. John Kramer has written a book about ways to market your books in order that you can become best selling author. This can be quite a hard thing to do - writers tend to be creative and not know much about the business side of selling their work so this sort of book could be extremely useful to them. If you do not know much about marketing you coudl end up spending a lot of money doing this and having nothing to show for it. It is very important that you know the best ways of getting you book to fly off the shelves.
John Kramer not only has a blogw here you can pick up free tips and hints but also has books for sale to help you. these are on topics such as how to get distribution for your books, how to market it and 1001 ways to market your book. He even has some free downloads to get you started. So if you have written a book, or plan to in the future, but are not sure how to market it, then this will be a very useful resource for you.

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