Thursday, March 06, 2008

Earn with Amazon

Some of you may be familiar with the fact that Amazon run an affiliate scheme where members can receive a percentage of the income gained from sales that have resulted from leads they have generated. Amazon provide many tools to help you generate leads, banners, text links, search bars, books lists and even shopfronts. I have been using this sucessfully on my Topsy and Tim site for a while. However, I was trying to think of ways to increase the income it made and came up with a very sucessful idea.

I have a website selling books and my main seller are chalet school books. The books that I have listed on this site are also listed on Amazon. I decided that some of my customers may look down my book list and not find what they wanted. So at the end I now have a link to Chalet School books on Amazon with a mention of my seller name on there so people can buy from me if they want to support me, but like the Amazon umbrella to build more security around their purchase and the greater selection that they to offer.

I have only had the link up for a few days. The day before yesterday someone went through my link and spent over £193 on books earning me over £10 in commission. As a bonus they even bought one of the books I was selling so I made the profit from that sale plus the commission. Yesterday I also got a sale. I have now earned enough to take me over the minimum payment threshold which is fantastic.


magicmoney said...

That's great that Amazon is working for you- and a neat idea that you combine your own book sales with Amazon.

I'm also an Amazon affiliate, but my main source of income from them at present is from selling second hand books- from clutter to cash!

Rachel said...

I sell second hand books on there too - some of my own but mainly stuff that I buy to sell on. Of course it doesn't bring in as much income but it all helps!