Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Fantastic Day!

The day started off quite slowly. But when I returned from going out to the post office there was a £50 cheque sitting on the door mat from Yougov who are a survey website. This is my second cheque from them and although it takes a while to earn the surveys are interesting.

Then I switched on my computer and had recieved a payment for some articles I had written - $250. Later I got some Pay Per Post payments, adding up to $24. Taking out Paypal fees etc I have received about £120 today and I haven't really done much work and it is still mid afternoon so there may be more to come!


Anonymous said...

I've had one £50 chq from YouGov and I have about £13 already towards the next one. I'm quite pleased because last week i finally got my 'Its Your View' survey points up to 50 so thats another cheque for £50 heading my way.
I need to read all of your blog for more tips on making money, but it's going to take me a while :)

Rachel said...

That sounds great. I have never heard of It's Your View - it woudl be great if you coudl send me your affiliate link so that I can join, thanks.

magicmoney said...

Great to hear you're getting YouGov income- it's been a bit slow for me! However, I've done nicely from Pinecone research- who pay a generous £4 per survey.

Rachel said...

Wow Pinecone research sound good - please post your affiliate ID and ill join up!