Saturday, March 01, 2008

February Earnings

Pay to Blog - £524.12
Pay Per Post - £348.97
Blogsvertise - £1.00
Blogitive - £15.00
Paid Blogging - £50.50
Private Reviews - £82.17
Sponsored Reviews - £20.48
Smorty - £6.00
Cashback - £32.13
Quidco - £32.13
Pay to Click - £9.60
A Pair Of - £0.89
Wordlinx - £4.68
Adpaid - £1.29
Linkgrand - £2.74
Other - £247.95
Jem Investments - £3.28
Forum posting - £36.95
Link sales - £28.68
Found Money - £0.05
Buyrefs - £3.78
Matched - £42.00
Experian Survey - £5.00
Money4Banners - £10.00
Waterproof memo Boards - £11.20
Article Writing - £107.01

I spent just £56.83 buying a domain and hosting. So my total earnings this month were my best so far at a total of £852.63. I am really pleased with the fact that I have started earning through writing articles and posting on forums. It makes up for the fact that I will not be earning so much through Pay Per Post next month because the opportunties that they have been offering me have been getting less and less.


2ThePoint said...

Good on you! Well done. Hope March is even better for you.

take care...

Melbel said...

Wow, you are doing a really good job! How much time per day do your spend making money online? Thank you so much, my goal is to make the amount of money you are currently making.

Rachel said...

Thank you for your support. I probably spend between 7 and 10 hours a day either earning or looking for earning opportunities. This includes some weekends too - I probably work 2 out of 4 weekends in a month.

stratz said...

Wow That some kick ass numbers. I see your improving over all which is great.. soon you may be making more then your husband a month.. wouldn't that be something.

Rachel said...

It would be fantastic to be making more than him. My aim is to get the mortgage paid off and then start some good investments so I can get a good passive income and then he can give up work if he wants.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha I married the wrong woman...!


Rachel said...

Don't tell her that!