Monday, March 31, 2008

March Earnings

Pay to Blog - £248.85
Pay Per Post - £117.06
Paid Blogging - £30.00
Private Reviews - £44.75
Blogitive - £5.00
Creamaid - £15.00
Review Me - £2.50
Linkworth - £19.54
Smorty - £15.00
Cashback - £44.16
Quidco - £3.21
Money Back Madness - £40.95
Pay to Click - £2.17
A Pair Of - £2.17
Surveys - £75.35
Pure Profile - £25.35
Yougov - £50.00
Writing - £249.35
Forum posting - £16.03
Article Writing - £46.79
Story Writing - £181.61
Blog Commenting - £4.92
Other - £114.81
Jem Investments - £9.17
Link sales - £52.64
Matched - £43.00
Money4Banners - £10.00
Contest Win - £7.10
Google Adsense - £59.00

My total earnings this month were £814.73. I bought an ebook on marketing websites for £4.14, which was all I spent. I was hoping to reach my target of £1000 this month but missing a few days of work really took its toll on my earnings. However, I am still pleased with how much I manged to earn in the last few days to bring my balance up to a respectable amount.

I have earned so much from writing articles, blogposts on forums and commenting that I made a whole new section on the summary chart. This is really helping to make up for the lack of Pay Per Post earnings. I am also pleased to see that my passive income (from banners through Matched and Money4Banners as well as from my investment in Jem Investments) is still reasonable. Ideally I need more ways to increase the passive income side of things.


Melbel said...

Hey, at least you did better than me. I was in something of a winter depression for a large part of the month.

Mike Perry said...

Well done. It shows what can be achieved with blogging. The million is getting closer!

Good luck for April.

Rachel said...

Thank you!