Friday, March 28, 2008

Waiting for Money

I seem to be waiting for lots of payments at the moment - it would be so helpful if they all arrived!

  • I am waiting for over $10 from Adbux but I am certain I will not get this at least until June (I requested payment in December.)

  • I am waiting for $10 from Bux.3 which I hope to see very soon.

  • I am waiting for $10 from which I also expect to get soon.

  • I am waiting for $10 from Englandbux and I have no idea when that will be paid.

    I am also waiting for £70 cashback from Quidco which will take at least a month to arrive now.

    John said...

    Lol, EnglandBux has never paid me. I've been waiting on that payment for a couple of months now.

    Rachel said...

    Oh no, I really hope that they pay me....