Monday, March 10, 2008

Website Review : Ignite

Ignite is a company which can provide you with electricity. Their parent company, stream energy, source the electricity from a number of different sources in order that they can supply cheap electricity. The Public Utility Commission regulates the supply as well so you can have peace of mind and low prices. There are lots of options for paying your bill, direct debit, phone, mail or online and you can even go to your local pay center in person. You will even get one to one contact with a customer representative and your energy supply will not change - you will still be with your local wires company, so you will still get the same service and the same emergency cover. You can even earn commission if you can get other people to sign up. Just for persuading your customers, friends or family to get cheap electricity you can earn money. Of course you do not have to take advantage of this incentive scheme, you can just save money by signing up yourself and leave it at that. The website has detailed information about the company and how they work. This means that you can do some research about the company before you decide whether to sign up with them.

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