Thursday, March 27, 2008

Would You Like to Never Work Again?

My long term aim is to have enough money invested so that I can comfortably live off thepassive income that I receive. However, thinking about this has got me wondering how I woudl be without a job. Would my brain turn to mush? Would I end up just watching daytime TV all the time? Would I get fat and ill?

I still like the idea of having that financial security....but as for stopping work.....maybe not!!


John said...

I think you would probably still want to do some work. I mean, you are a goal oriented person so you may want to see yourself investing more and more even after you hit your goal. This isn't bad, I mean think about it this way: you'll be able to live even more comfortably.

Rachel said...

Yes that is true. I am sure that I will still be money motivated even when the mortgage is apid off and we have enough passive income to live off.