Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April Earnings

Pay to Blog - £420.87
Pay Per Post - £184.08
Paid Blogging - £47.50
Sponsored Reviews - £6.50
Private Reviews - £164.14
Linkworth - £13.85
Blogpayz - £4.80
Cashback - £3.05
Quidco - £3.05
Pay to Click - £25.96
Global Cash Clicks - £1.41
Clixsense - £19.48 - £5.07
Writing - £480.95
Forum posting - £20.33
Article Writing - £307.86
Story Writing - £130.39
Blog Commenting - £22.37
Other - £404.70
Link sales - £326.19
Matched - £38.00
Money4Banners - £20.00
Buyrefs - £3.00
Waterproof Memo Board Sale - £7.95
Found Money - £0.05
Commission Junction - £9.51

This has made me a fantastic total earned of £1335.46 this month which is way over my target of £1000. As I had made so much I decided to reinvest some. I bought 500 referrals costing £243.50 as well upgrading my Clixsense membership for £5.09. I also started a new blog - Losing Weight and Getting Healthy and paid £7.37 for 2 years domain name. This came to a total of £255.96 making me a profit of £1079.50.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Neobux is a brand new Pay to Click site. It is signing up new members now but launches on 30th April. They claim that they will be much improved on the current PTC sites so it is well worth a look to see what they can offer. You earn 1 cent a click or up to 2 cents if you upgrade and you earn either 50% or 100% of what your referrals earn depending on whether you are upgraded.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Rich List

My husband insisted on buying The Sunday Times yesterday so he could take a look at the rich list. I asked him if he would like to be on there and he said there is no way that he could as I do not take enough financial risks and you have to be a risk taker to be rich. I explained to him that at the moment we need the money we are earning to live off so we do not have available money to 'gamble with'. He realised what I was saying was true and I explained that once we have some 'spare' then I will take more risks.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Blog to Earn Carnival

A great way to make more money is to read about how other people are doing it. Over at blog to earn carnival there are regular articles posted which link to money making articles. It is well worth checking the site out and reading about what other people are doing to earn money. I have already picked up one hint today just by reading one article - I have signed up to a new site which could brig in a bit more money. I will let you know more if they accept my application.

My Search Funds

This is a fantastic way to make money by searching. We all know about these websites where you can search, using a completely obscure browser and earn a bit of money. This site is different. It now uses Google! All you have to do when you register with My Search Funds is to download the search box for your browser tool bar. Every time you want to do a search you just type it into the appropriate place in the tool bar and you will get paid. A fantastic way to earn some bonus income for doing something you would have done anyway.

8 Things I Don't Buy - a Meme

I found this article on Suburban Wife's Daily Dollar and thought it was a great idea. She lists 8 things that she doesn't spend money on and explains why. It is a great article and I would recommend that you take a look before going on to read mine.

I do not buy alcohol, tobacco, make-up, jewellery, electronic games, soda pop or fabric softener either but decided to use things in my list which she did not have in hers.

  • Tumble Dryer Sheets - I have never seen the point of these and therefore never buy them
  • Bottled Water - UK drinking water is perfectly safe to drink and it tastes fine to me. I will buy bottled if I am out and thirsty but I will not buy it for daily use.
  • Quilted loo roll - I always buy the cheapest stuff. I see no reason in wasting money on something that is just getting covered in ****!
  • Strawberries - I like these when they are English and in season but I refuse to pay three times the price for something tasteless and watery from Spain
  • Satellite/Cable TV - I can get 4 channels and they provide me with enough drivel to keep me entertained!
  • Mobile Phone Contract - We used to function without a phone with us at all times. I do have a phone, for emergencies, but try to wait to make calls when I am at home and it costs less
  • Hair Dye - I am starting to go grey but I will not pay the money not to pretend that I am someone I am not. If people can't accept me because I have a few grey hairs then tough!
  • Children's Toys - It sounds mean but I hardly ever buy toys for the children. They have loads because they get them for presents from their grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends.

  • I hope that you have enjoyed this little insight. If you want to write a similar article please make sure that you credit Suburban Wife's Daily Dollar for her fantastic idea. Feel free to leave a link in the comments to your article so I can get some tips form you!

    My Referrals have Arrived

    My referrals appeared in my account overnight. That was about 8 hours ago and my earnings have increased by about $38. I am pretty chuffed and just hope that this trend will continue. I normally make about $1 a day, from my own clicks and my current referrals, so I should easily be able to calculate how much my new referrals are making me.

    Thursday, April 24, 2008

    Clixsense Upgrade

    I am in a dilemma as to whether to upgrade my Clixsense account. I have made back the money I paid for my last upgrade but I did have a large amount of adverts to click when I first upgraded and I am not sure whether that will happen when I renew my upgrade. It takes me a long time to get my money too as I have to wait until I reach $50 to cashout because the cost of cashing the foreign cheque is so high. However, I have had two cheques in the year for $10 and $50 so I have definitely made back my money but how much I would have made without being an upgraded member is hard to say. If anyone has any experience of using the site, I would appreciate your comments, thanks.

    Million Blog List

    I have just added my blog to this list : million blog list. You can add your blog as long as you link back to the site, either in a blogpost, in your blogroll or by adding their ad in your sidebar. It takes hardly any effort - well worth it for a free back link.

    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    I Bought Some Referrals

    I have been wondering whether to buy some more referrals for for a while. I had decided that once I got my next payment I would buy some but the payment came and I still did nothing. What made me do it was something my husband said. he told me that I had all the elements needed in someone who could become a millionaire apart form the fact that I was not enough of a risk taker. I therefore decided to take a big risk and buy 500 referrals. My last batch made me a profit but that was only a small batch. Hopefully these will do well for me.

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008

    No Money for a Holiday?

    If, like me, you cannot justify the expense of a holiday this year then why not have a virtual holiday instead. If you pop along to Really Traveling you can read all about the authors travelling experiences and take a look his photographs. You can imagine what it would be like to be at France, Cyprus, Ireland and many other places, wandering around the sites, basking in the sunshine and relaxing. It is the nearest thing I will get to a holiday this year!

    Buscando mais sobre credito rural?

    Um site muito útil que nós pesquisamos é o, uma ótima fonte de informação sobre credito rural. Tudo que você precisa saber sobre credito rural voce encontra neste site: , que oferece artigos diários a respeito de Credito Rural e publica as noticias para credito rural. Achar dados sobre credito rural na internet é complicado uma vez que nem todos os websites abordam temas como esses Credito Rural. Pesquise mais e registre-se no RSS para obter notícias novas credito rural. Faça comentários a respeito do que você leu neste blog, desde que seja sobre Credito Rural. Para concluir, queremos dizer que o é um website muito interessante e o recomendamos a todos que se identificam com credito rural.

    Você pode igualmente gostar de um outro blog relacionado com credito rural, que e sobre Refinanciamento!

    Procure também em outro portal sobre Credito Rural que pode ser bom também Franquias.

    Monday, April 21, 2008

    I Have Surpassed my Target

    I am so happy!! I have finally managed to break through the £1000 barrier. This month so far I have earned £1113.72. A lot of this is from selling links on my blog and writing articles and stories. It is still fairly early in the month so I am going to see how much more I can make.

    Approaches to personal finance

    I have just been reading a lot of personal finance blogs. They seem to approach the subject from two angles - either making more money or being more frugal. It is interesting that many people do not combine the two.

    I understand that if you are in a full-time job which has no commission payments or overtime then it can be tricky to get more money that way. But there are evenigs and weekends where you could be earning some more money.

    Even if you are earning more money, it is wise to spend less. As we get more money, we tend to spend more. However, if we need that money to pay off debts, build up our savings or to invest for our retirement then we need to be careful not to spend too much.

    It really all comes down to careful planning. Firstly write down your goal and why you want to achieve it. This should help you to focus and new ideas should start to come to you on how to earn more and spend less.

    Sunday, April 20, 2008

    Website Review : mmmTalk forums

    If you are looking for new forum where you can chat in a friendly atmosphere and exchange news, tips and make new friends thenmmmTalk forums is for you. It is a well established forum which has sections on money making, web hosting, web masters and a more general section where you can talk about travel, food, art, university or anything else. New members are made very welcome and their input is always valued. The admins and moderators always do their best to give advice and help.

    Free MySpace Stuff

    If you use MySpace and are looking for some new ideas for backgrounds, layouts, images and graphics the ProfileDo will be a great resource for you. They have a huge range of free items to enhance your MySpace pages. So if you are looking for free MySpace Layouts and other MySpace graphics and things then ths is a great site to look at.

    Saturday, April 19, 2008

    My Shares are Doing Well!

    The UK stock market is not doing particularly well. I but some shares each month through a company and the are taken from a cross section of companies. The return that I get is set up to track the market average. I have done this because I know very little about shares and doing it this way is cheaper than payinga fund manager. Since Christmas my shares had been losing value but I didn't mind as it mean't that I was getting more units for my money each month. However, it does make me rather nervous as this money is going to contribute to the funds paying off my mortgage and I would prefer it if they rocketed! On checking them this morning it looks like they have gone up again and they are now worth over £13,000. This is 13% of my total mortgage so I am really pleased as with the £8,000 I have already saved plus the £1500 we have in premium bonds we are almost a quarter of the way there.

    Website Review : Cozy Days

    Cozy Days is a website which sells luxury outdoor patio furniture. They have a large selection of different styles and types. They also have covers to protect your furniture from the weather and pool covers and accessories. The even have fire pits and patio furniture cushions to give your garden a modern styled look. You can even get free shipping if you order today.

    Friday, April 18, 2008

    Website Review : Bed in a Box

    Bed in a Box sell a range of adjustable beds, memory foam mattresses and bedding collections. They have all products available for you to look at on the website and you can order online if you wish. They even have a customer testimonials section where you can find out what other shoppers thought of their products and the service that they provided.

    Website Review : Stone Bridge Branson

    If you are looking for land for sale Branson then you might be interested in looking at what Stone Bridge resort has to offer. They currently have homes and rental properties available to buy in this beautiful resort which is near to a golf course and outstanding areas of beauty. You could purchase a holiday home for yourself or to rent out or just move out to this breathtaking location and enjoy the atmosphere all of the year round.

    Website Reiew : DS Keepsakes

    DS Keepsakes is a website which sells wholesale fashion jewelry. They have a whole range of items such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, watches, pendants, key chains and pins for adults and children. The jewelry have a number of themes including sports, holidays, religious, western and awareness. They have crystal and designer look items too. So if you are a retailer looking for new stock, this could be a good place to look.

    Website Review : Cable Plus USA

    Cables Plus USA is a wholesaler of fiber optic cables, networking equipment and other cables, supplies and accesories. The website has details about all of the lines that they sell and you can even order them online should you wish to, or you can order over the phone if you prefer. They even have a clearance section for anyone who is seeking a bargain.

    Website Review : Acne Cures Revealed

    Acne Cures Revealed is a website which has tested many different acne treatments and has come up with a list of the best 5 products that this industry has to offer. You can read their reviews of the products, look at the scores they have given them and they even let you know how much they cost so that you can do a full comparison between the different treatments that they have recommended.

    Website Review : ETools Now

    E Tools Now is a distributor of many different tools including air tools, power tools, nailers, drills, blades and chemicals as well as many other related items and accessories. You can order online and even get live help should you need it. You can even sign up to get free tool advice sent to your email address should you need it.

    Website Review : Orovo

    The Orovo store is a way that you can buy Orovo products online. Orovo products are all weight loss medications and they work in a variety of ways such as blocking fats and carbs, increasing metabolism and burning fat. They have products that are caffeine free, contain fibre or detox ingredients as well as products which can help to make your workouts more effective.

    Website Review : Cliff Side malibu

    Cliff Side Malibu is a place where patients can get help with their drug treatment. They can give cutting edge treatments but also they combine them with holistic treatments, massage and acupuncture for a very rounded treatment program. They have a host of activities which patients can take part in as well as being beig able to relax in the beautiful surroundings.

    Thursday, April 17, 2008

    DNeero Surveys

    I have been finding that dNeero surveys have been a great way to earn a little extra money. All you have to do is to answer a small amount of questions and then paste the code on your website. Once it has been on there for 5 days, your account gets credited with some money - the amount depends on how many people have shown interest in the survey. It is easy and fun and their latest survey, which is pasted below, how my opinions on their service.

    Website Review : First Street Online

    First Street is an online shop which has a huge range of innovative and time saving products. The types of things they sell include motion sensor lights, cassette to MP3, film scanner and portable chair with awning. There are products for the home and garden as well as gift idea. You can buy online or call their toll free number to order.

    Wednesday, April 16, 2008

    Blog to Earn

    If you are looking for new ways to make money online or want to find out how others make money online then take a look at blog to earn. It is a carnival site which means that it puts together articles of interest in one great resource. A fantastic site for learning how to earn.

    Website Review : Sunse Malibu

    Sunset Malibu is a rehab centre where you can get addiction treatment. They treat people with eating disorders, substance abuse and other addictions. Set in Los Angeles, California they have great sea views and are in a great location. They have many different programs suited to individual needs as they never stick to a specific program but tailor them to what they feel will suit the specific patient.

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008

    Website Review : Monex Deposit Company

    The Monex deposit company sell gold, silver and other precious metals as an investment opportunity. Silver and gold are available in silver bars or coins. There is an increasing demand for silver as the resources are being used up - the stockpile is diminishing and supplies are being replenished more slowly than they are being used. They state that many analysts feel that silver is great way to invest and in the current economic climate with all of the insecurities in both the property and the stock market it could be a better investment and so it is well worth researching what sort of return to expect from this sort of investment.

    Sunday, April 13, 2008

    Turn One Cent into One Million

    I have been using a website for a while where you can potentially turn one cent into one million - they even give you the first cent.

    Centsports is a betting website. They give you one cent to start with and you can use it to gamble on US football, baseball, hockey or UK soccer games. You can bet any amount that you have in your account - a minimum or one cent. If you win your first bet you are likely to amost double your cent. If you lose, they will give you another cent to bet with. This continues until you reach $20 when you can draw out your winnings or continue.

    Using this site has taught me a lot of things about doubling:

  • There is no such thing as a sure bet

  • You can make a lot of money gambling but it takes time

  • Do not put all of your eggs in one basket

  • The greater the risk the more you stand to win....and lose

  • I would recommend taking a look at Centsports and seeing what you can learn about doubling and gambling.

    Saturday, April 12, 2008

    Spring Cleaning Time

    I had a massive sort out in the house today as, as part of our future plan we need to get rid of some clutter. I now have 3 binbags of things for charity and the same to throw away. I also found my old Epson Stylus Photo 2100 A3+ Printer which I used to use when I was selling prints as part of my business. It is a fantastic quality printer, producing flawless photos, but I just do not have room for it in my office and it seems silly for it to be sitting in the under stairs cupboard, when someone could be using it. So it is up on eBay and will clear me some room and hopefully get me some extra funds for my mortgage.

    Website Review : Road Kill T-Shirts

    Road Kill t-shirts has over 1200 designs of t-shirts. There are many different themes including funny, political, patriotic, rude, vintage style and many others - you can even design your own. They currently have a deal where if you buy three you get one free or if you buy six you get two free, so you can buy some for your friends and family as well.

    Website Review : A&R Wholesale

    A & R Wholesale is a company which sells walk in tubs. These are designed for those people who still like to have a bath but find it difficult getting in and out. The tubs have a door and a easy way to get in. You obviously get in and then fill up the bath with water. They even have a fast drain system so you do not get cold while waiting for the water to drain away.

    Website Review : The World of Golf

    The World of Golf is a website selling a selection of products, all with a golf theme. They have everything you could think of such as golf balls, golf bags, golf clubs, golf gloves as well as many other items and accessories. You can order online and they have all of the top brands. So if you are a golfer, take a look and see if they have anything that interests you.

    Friday, April 11, 2008

    Homepage Only Links

    With the way that blogger is set up, I thought it was impossible to set up homepage only links. However, I have come across this fantastic website which gave me the answer - put them in a seperate widget and change the code so that shows on the homepage only. It is fantastic. If you need any help at all with blogger problems I woudl suggest you head right over to Beta Blogger for Dummies and get some fantastic help. Even a girly non-techie like me could get her head round it!

    Secured Loans

    Compare secured loans to find the perfect deal for you!

    Oh no ...I am suffering from the 'PTCer's Fallacy'

    There is a theory in gambling psychology called the 'Gamblers Fallacy'. This is where a gambler thinks that because they have spent a lot of money, odds will soon be in their favour so they keep spending more and more, thinking that they will have to win eventually and obviously not all of them do. Casinos encourage this by making sure that some peole win some of the time, to ensure that everyone thinks they have a good chance of winning.

    I have invested some money in pay to click sites, by upgrading my membership and buying referrals. has done well for me and I have more than made back the money I paid for upgrading my membership and buying some referrals. However, it is with Adbux where the problems lie. I have spent a lot of money on upgrading membership and buying referrals, few of which are now active. The latest newsletter states that Adbux will not be paying members at least until June and it may be a profit sharing scheme rather than earning per click. This means that returns are likely to be even lower (and I wonder whether they will actually pay out at all). I have not yet earned back what I have spent with them and they owe me over $20 which I am not sure if I will ever see. However, I cannot bring myself to wave goodbye to this money. I continue to click on the links on the site to earn a few cents a day, grasping onto the hope that I may just make back my money eventually. You would think I would know better....

    Progress Thermometer

    Melbel suggested in a comment on one of my previous posts about raising extra mortgage money that I should put a progress thermometer on my site so my readers could see my progress. I took look at the site and put my data into a thermometer as you can see below. I found it quite depressing to see that I haven't even paid off 10% yet. I decided that I wasn't ready to have it on my site yet.

    school fundraising ideas
    Fund raising thermometer
    to track your fund raising events

    Website Review : Lone Star Securities

    At the moment, as we all have noticed, oil prices are extremely high and seem to rising rapidly. It makes gas and oil investments seem like a really good idea. As resources become even more restricted then the prices will be likely to rise even more. With no mainsteam alternatives it seems like investing in oil and gas would probably be a good idea at least for the next five or ten years until an alternative power source is found. However, I would have no idea how to go about it. Lone Star Securities are a company which specialise in investment in oil and gas and they have a free ebook available to download from their website which will tell you a lot more about this type of investment and how they are involved. This means that you can take a look and decide whether it really is the type of investment that you want to be involved in and whether you think that it is a good place for your money both now and in the future and whether the company is one you would like to work with. As with any investment, it is best to discuss your plans with your financial advisor before going ahead.

    Target for this month?

    I normally have a target for the month and I have just realised that I have not yet published mine. I am still after earning that elusive £1000 and at the moment am not on target for that - I will continue to work hard and hope that one comes off.

    I need to make £750 profit in my business as a whole in order to be able to afford to pay that much off of my mortgage. Ideally I would like to have more but there is a limit as to how much I can earn. Since deciding in December that I wanted to pay that much off the mortgage account each month I have surpassed it, so it would be fantastic if I could do the same thing again this month.

    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    Website Review : We Promise To

    WePromiseTo Cashback is a brand new UK cashback site. Many cashback sites only pay small amounts of money but this site gives you 100% of the commission they get paid by the company. The way that they make money is that they retain the first £5 that you earn. This means that you do not have to pay anything to them from your pocket and once you have earned more than £5 all of the commission is yours. You even get £1 for each person that you refer once they earn over £5. It sounds well worth joining.

    Website Review : Webdosh

    Some of you may look at the Webdosh money making blog from time to time. There are some great ideas on how to make money online. The website has recently moved to its own domain so make sure that you change any links or bookmarks that you have pointing to it and remember to take a look at the site and find new ideas to make money online.

    Treasure Trooper = Fun & Free Way to Earn Money

    I have found a really fun website where users can make money by doing surveys, offers, or by shopping. Unlike other many other websites, Treasure Trooper has actually paid their users and has proof that speaks for itself.

    The thing that users love most about Treasure Trooper is the fact that they basically get paid to have fun. With a Treasure Hunt that pays out $100 that each user has the chance to do and many other contests, it's no wonder Treasure Trooper is the #1 gpt website!

    With the fact that there is the choice to get paid, not only by check, but by PayPal as well, Treasure Trooper has quickly become a choice among college students who don't always have access to a bank. What's also great is that Treasure Trooper is 100% free. There is no membership fee like those other sites that make empty promises.

    Got a competitive streak? Check out the guild section where you can compete with other guilds for prizes.

    If you have more, you want more.... does it follow that if you have less you want less?

    I was chatting with my husband last night about our goals post paying off our mortgage. The house needs a lot of cosmetic work done on it and it makes sense to clear the mortgage and then change the windows, have new floors, have the family bathroom refurbished and paint everywhere, to make the whole house look lovely. The children will be older so hopefully the new look will last!

    I would really like a clutter free and completely tidy house. I used to have this until I met my husband who has a lot of stuff and is not good at putting things away. I have been trying to throw one significant item away a day in order to clear some clutter and I am also trying to reduce the amount of stock that my company has so that I can clear some room in my office for some of his things.

    It got me thinking. When we buy a lot of things people say that it just makes us want more. However, it does not seem to be the case that if we have very little then we want even less....or does it? I have never had very little so I am not sure, but what I do know is that I can do without a lot of the clutter that I have at the moment.

    Website Review : WaMu

    WaMu is an American website where you can carry out your banking. They have a range of accounts including savings account and checking accounts and also offer loans and credit cards. You can apply online and therefore your account can be approved extremely quickly. You also have the convenience of being able to bank online, so you can check your account details and do online transactions at any time of the dy or night.

    Website Review : sells a large selection of video games. It is easy to search for games which suit the game playing system that you have as they are usefully categorised in this manner. You can buy online and some products even have free shipping. You can even sell your items on there if you wish, so it is a great resource for any game player.

    Wednesday, April 09, 2008

    Paid by - at last!

    I have been paid by This is the first payment into my Alertpay account. It did take longer than the 30 days that they are supposed to take to pay upgraded members but as they changed the payment method to Alertpay after I requested the payment I think that caused some extra delays. I have managed to accumulate about $80 since requesting this payment so I will be interested to see how long that will take to reach me, as until I get that it is not worth withdrawing the £5 from my Alertpay account as they charge £2.25 per withdrawal.

    This Months Progress

    I feel like I have been working extra hard this month. I have been working from early in the morning until late at night will no time off really (well apart from having to cook the meals, do the household chores, talk a 90 minute walk to the post office daily and look after the children). I thought it would be interesting to calculate exactly what I have done so far this month as I know I have done a lot :
  • Forum Posting - 2500 words

  • Blogposts - 6600 words

  • Blog comments - 5000 words

  • Article Writing - 20588 words

  • Link Clicking - 1000 clicks

  • That doesn't include the stuff I don't get paid for such as chatting on forums, updating my blog and looking for work. I have written nearly 35000 words which is more than I wrote for my masters dissertation and I took 4 months to do that and had no children to look after or household chores to do - no wonder I am feeling like I need a day off! I feel pretty pleased with myself though especially as the article writing took quite a lot of research as well - just shows what I can achieve if I put my mind to it ;)

    House price growth slumps to 12 year low

    According to a recent report house price growth in the UK has slumped to an eight year low, and this has resulted in additional pressure being put on the Bank of England to cur interest rates further as soon as possible. The Bank of England has already indicated that it will cut the base rate again in April, rather than in May as had been expected by industry experts, stating that this earlier rate cut was more likely due to the tighter credit conditions now in place in the UK.

    Figures from the Nationwide Building Society show that house prices at present are only 1.1% higher than they were one year ago, and this reflects the smallest increase since 1996, well over a decade ago. This also reflected a significant fall from last month's figure, which was 2.7%. However, between February and March house prices fell by 0.6%, bring the average UK property price down to £179,110, although the average price in London is significantly higher than this.

    The Bank of England hiked up interest rates five times between August 2006 and July 2007, but dropped the rate for the first time in over two years in December 2007. There was a further 0.25% rate cut in February, which brought the interest loan rate down to 5.25%, and it is likely that the Bank of England will now cut the rate by a further 0.25% in April.

    One Nationwide official said that the Bank of England needed to act quickly in order to try and stabilise the housing market and ease credit conditions. She said: 'Since the last meeting, the collapse of Bear Stearns and the fallout from false rumours of problems in a major UK bank may have helped to shift the focus of the monetary policy committee to the need to loosen conditions in the financial markets and bring more life to mortgages.' She added: 'We think these latest developments, along with the continued weakening in the housing market, will mean the MPC will bring forward its rate cut to April.'

    Lack of Posts

    Sorry for the lack of personal posts at the moment. I have been working really hard on writing and other projects, hopefully bringing in more money this month and it has left me little time for anything else. In fact I have been working from first thing in the morning to last thing at night with only short breaks and even at times in the night like now. It is 3.30 am so forgive me if I make a few typos!

    Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    What is Your Blog Worth?

    My blog is worth $25,968.84.
    How much is your blog worth?

    I find it hard to believe that I am worth this much money, but if anyone is willing to make me an offer for anywhere near this amount I will happily consider it!! It is a real boost knowing that the hard work that i have put in with blogging and promoting seem to be worth something, even if it is only in the eyes of technorati. Try it out with your blogs by clicking here and let me know what they are worth. I will admit that my other blogs are worth just over $2,000 for all four......

    Website Review : Scrapbook Therapy

    If you are looking for scrapbook supplies Canada then Scrapbook Therapy is a website which will help you. They sell a huge range of scrapbook supplies and are based in Canada. They have everything you could need from albums and paper, to pens, stamps and stickers. They also have embelishments, brads and cutting tools. They even have books and magazines so you can learn all about the craft and get new ideas for designs. You can get further ideas for designs by looking at their gallery section which has many examples of scrapbook pages. As well as selling scrapbook supplies Canada they also have details of classes and they even have a blog and a newsletter so you can get a host of information too. They have a club which you can join too. The club allows you to get a discount on the products that you purchase online so it is well worth joining if you are likely to be a regular customer.

    Monday, April 07, 2008

    Extra Mortgage Money

    As you may know I am trying to make enough money each month for the next 5 years to pay at least £750 off of my mortgage balance each month. I have managed this for the last 3 months and am really pleased - especially as most months I paid even more than £750. However, it seems that this month may be the exception. I have not got many stand by savings due to some of my husbands work expenses not being paid until the end of the month. I am being careful not to spend too much on the credit card but he will have some more expenses this month as well. I am hoping my earnings will be high enough to be abl eto top up my savings account and pay some money off the mortgage but at the moment it does not look too promising. I just hope that all of the hard work I am putting in will pay off.

    Saturday, April 05, 2008

    Website Review : Luggage Source

    It is coming up to holiday time again so it is worth taking a look at your luggage and seeing if any of it needs replacing. If you look online you may come across Luggage Source. They have a huge range of top brands such as Zero Halliburton, Ameribag, Dakota, The North Face, Swiss Army and many more. You can order online and get free shipping if you spend over fifty dollars.

    Friday, April 04, 2008

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    Thursday, April 03, 2008

    Free Cooking Games For Kids

    There are lots of cooking games for children on the World Wide Web these days but are they even near to the real thing? Does it actually matter if it is still enjoyable for your child? Kids like to copy grown-ups’ daily chores such as doing the laundry, driving a car and you have to bet cooking is one of them too! Apparently we don’t quite find it pleasurable doing them but they’re a whole different story for children who might be “checking” them out for their very first time. And of course parents don’t usually allow their kid to do the real thing for obvious reasons but rather use substitutes like toys to mock up these activities for him or her. Put your child in front of the PC and watch him or her turn into a mini chef! There is a variety of cooking games available on the Net which are often free to play. The ones with minimal hassle are directly played on your browser. Interaction comes in form of using the mouse, keyboard or a mixture of both. As some games can be quite big in size, broadband is definitely recommended for fast loadings. One cooking game that had my interest is about making breakfast- the most crucial meal of the day. In this game, the player must beat some eggs by moving the egg beater with the mouse in a circular motion. He or she then proceeds to make an omelet out of it on the cooking pan. This is one excellent of what a kid could learn- “Now I know how mummy makes them!” Another kind of cooking game worth mentioning inherits the fundamentals of managing a restaurant. Players have to do the cooking and serve the food to the customers in a timely manner and also satisfy a predetermined sales requirement for the day. Playing cooking games prepare a child take on the real thing when he or she gets to an older age. He or she could even help you out in the kitchen. Some kids find it amusing to cook a meal for themselves and ultimately would be more eager to finish up their food. Psychologically, it’s the feeling of contentment that they are going for. This method is great for parents who have kids that are fussy with their food or have poor appetites. Usually, these cooking games are in Korean or Japanese - Only God knows why these people make very interesting games. Luckily, it’s not a problem at all as most of these games are generally comprehensible that your child will be playing like a champ in no time. Make this an enjoyable experience for both of you today.

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    Xpander Communications is a company which produces and sells their own VoIP Phone Systems. Their system is flexible and user friendly and they say that it is one of the best business phone systems around. They have many labour saving features such as plug and play, rerouting and web control panels. They are cheaper than alternative systems as there is no hardware i.e phones to maintain and have serviced - you can just use your existing company computer system. So if you are looking for a cheaper communication alternative for your company then take a look at what Xpander Communications can offer you.

    Need a Contractor

    I found this really handy site that helps internet users find home remodeling contractors right online. Users can search by entering their zip code or by clicking on a map. After doing this, the site searches their database and digs up the best contractors in your area for the job you need done. Then on the search results page you can use the site's nifty contact form to contact a local home remodeling contractor. If you want a quick and fair estimate, this is definitely the way to go especially if you're looking into kitchen or bathroom renovation. This clean, friendly ad-free website is the way to go when looking for a contractor who is qualified to do remodeling work the correct and safe way. Forget the old method of picking a contractor out of the phone book at random and find the right person for the project whether you're looking for a Yonkers contractor or an Anaheim contractor.

    Wednesday, April 02, 2008

    There is no Such Thing as Free TV

    My father was complaining the other day about how much advertising there is on the BBC when we pay a TV licence which is supposed to fund the programs without the need for advertising.

    It got me thinking about the fact that I have always thought of TV as free and refuse to pay for satellite as I feel it is an expense we can do without. But when accessing my monthly expenses the other day, it clicked that we are paying £11.50 a month for our TV licence. Although, we are still saving money by not having satelite TV, I am still paying for this service.

    At the moment the licence is only necessary if you have a TV set connected to an aerial or if you have a TV card in your computer. This means that I can watch BBC iplayer, ITV streaming and 4 on demand for free, at the moment at least (I have heard rumours that the government are going to try to make everyone with a computer have a TV licence).

    I only have thre barriers in my way...2 children and a husband who all love television and watching it on big TV sets. I even tried suggesting the idea to my husband and he had a two word answer and the second word was off!!

    Make Money Online

    More and more people these days would like to work at home. This could be due to people wanting to stay at with their children but also get some income at the same time. It is also better for the environment to work from home as there is no traveling involved. Many employers still do not let their employees work from home so many people doing this are running their own businesses or are self employed. A popular way to do this is to make money online using the Internet. There are a huge amount of online opportunities – it just depends on your skills and interests as to what you choose to do to make money. There are many blogs and websites which can teach you how to work at home and make money and so it is easy to find out where and how to start your online career.

    Make Money From Home

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    Biofuel Guideis a website which has articles explaining what biofuels are with specific reference to ethanol and biodiesel. With many of us wanting to have less impact on the environment then it is useful to read guides such as these to find out what biofuel options are available to us, how they are produced and whether we can use them. This guide explains all about the chemistry behind bio fuel and how it is better for the environment than alternatives. It also puts forwards some advantages and disadvantages of using it as well as having a lot of information about controversy surrounding it and a list of misconceptions about it. It has all of the information you need to understand all about biofuel. If you are looking for a more environmentally friendly fuel then it is certainly worth taking a look at this guide and becoming fully informed about these alternative options.

    Caring for the Environment

    There are many options available to us to help to reduce our carbon footprint and become more environmentally friendly. It can be tricky, however, to implement a lot of changes as they are expensive, time consuming and sometimes impossible. However, even small changes can help and so it is well worth having a look at our daily lives and see whether there are just a few things we can do to improve the impact that we, as individuals, are having on the environment. One way to do this is to look at the way that we are heating our house. It is expensive to install solar panels and wind turbines but there are other things that can be done. If you have an open fire or log burning stove you can replace what you are currently using with wood pellet fuel. The wood pellets fuel is made from biomass and so is much better for the environment than alternatives such as coal or wood. There are many companies that sell pellets fuel so it is easy to get hold of and is not too expensive.

    Wood Pellet Stoves

    It is becoming more popular to have wood pellet stoves in your home. They have advantages over central heating systems as they look very pretty and can form a focal point in a room. They are much more efficient then ordinary wood burning stoves and come in many elegant designs. The wood pellet stoves can even have a boiler integrated into them so they can heat hot water and run the central heating system. They are very easy to light – just a touch of a button and you can even program the stoves to come on at off at set times in the same way that you would program a normal central heating system. They have the added bonus of being environmentally friendly as the fuel has low carbon content. So if you are looking for a new clean, effective and efficient way to heat your home then it is worth taking a look at what wood pellet stoves can offer.

    Wood Pellets

    Many people are looking for more environmentally friendly way to heat their homes. Some options are very expensive and take a lot of upheaval to incorporate. However, if you have an open fire or wood burning stove, then it is worth considering buying wood pellets to use a fuel. These are fine wood particles (basically sawdust) which have been compacted to make pellets. The sawdust used to make them is a by product of the wood industry so the fuel is being made from something that would otherwise have been thrown away. They have very low water content which means that the pellets burn more efficiently than wood or coal. As the woodpellets are made of compacted material they take up less storage space than wood and so are easier and cheaper to transport. They are also considered to be a biofuel so as well as not using up valuable resources and cutting down on the environmental damage cause by transportation you are also using a more environmentally friendly product.

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    Effective Home Heating

    If dealing with rising heating costs each month is getting harder and harder, you may want to consider wood pellet stoves as a way to heat your home at a lower cost. You're probably thinking that this is no environmentally friendly, but it actually is. Pellet stoves are actually one of the most reliable, cost efficient, and environmentally friendly ways to heat your home. Pellet stoves have electrically controlled blowers which helps the pellet stove release as much energy as possible from pellets. Pellet stoves also have a feature which minimizes any smoke that may be created from the pellet burning process. Wood pellets used to fuel pellet stoves are produced from recycled sawdust. This sawdust would otherwise have been dumped in landfills, which is one of the things that makes pellet burning stoves environmentally friendly. Being easy to clean and easy to take care of, wood pellet stoves are becoming a more and more popular way to heat homes without the cost and worry of other home heating methods.

    Tuesday, April 01, 2008


    No this article is not about Adobe files. It occured to me today that it is interesting how many of us bloggers are quite happy to to engage in PDF (Public Displays of Finance) i.e. writing blogposts for anyone to read about how much we earn each month, about our financial goals and even about the value of our debts. This is information that many of us keep secret form family and friends and even sometimes our spouses or partners but we seem happy to share it with the whole world.

    Perhaps the bloggers who share this information are happy to share this information with anyone or perhaps it feels safer sharing the information with complete strangers than with our loved ones. Personally I do not mind sharing my financial details with anyone who is interested! What about all of you other bloggers out there, what do you think?

    Website Review : Home Equity Loan Store

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    Home Equity Loan Information

    Loan Guru is a website which helps its users find a loan that's right for them. With several different articles on everything from a how-to on getting home loans to tips on how to find out which home loan is right for you. If you've got bad credit and are still looking for a home loan, this site has a great article for you which includes consequences for not repaying loans on time. Want to know what a home equity loans are? Loan Guru has all the information on that too! A really handy part of the site is the article about online mortgage calculators which explains that you can find out how large of a mortgage you can qualify for without having to enter personal information. The best part is that you can do this right online and see in seconds how much you may qualify for. With handy tabs and categories to help you navigate around the Loan Guru site, you'll find all sorts of information that pertains to home equity loan needs that you may have. If you are looking for home equity loans that suit your needs, then Loan Guru is the one stop place for all the information you'll need to make an informed decision on one of the most important loans of your life.

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  • Money Making with Images
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    I get a little mention too which is fantastic!
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