Friday, April 25, 2008

8 Things I Don't Buy - a Meme

I found this article on Suburban Wife's Daily Dollar and thought it was a great idea. She lists 8 things that she doesn't spend money on and explains why. It is a great article and I would recommend that you take a look before going on to read mine.

I do not buy alcohol, tobacco, make-up, jewellery, electronic games, soda pop or fabric softener either but decided to use things in my list which she did not have in hers.

  • Tumble Dryer Sheets - I have never seen the point of these and therefore never buy them
  • Bottled Water - UK drinking water is perfectly safe to drink and it tastes fine to me. I will buy bottled if I am out and thirsty but I will not buy it for daily use.
  • Quilted loo roll - I always buy the cheapest stuff. I see no reason in wasting money on something that is just getting covered in ****!
  • Strawberries - I like these when they are English and in season but I refuse to pay three times the price for something tasteless and watery from Spain
  • Satellite/Cable TV - I can get 4 channels and they provide me with enough drivel to keep me entertained!
  • Mobile Phone Contract - We used to function without a phone with us at all times. I do have a phone, for emergencies, but try to wait to make calls when I am at home and it costs less
  • Hair Dye - I am starting to go grey but I will not pay the money not to pretend that I am someone I am not. If people can't accept me because I have a few grey hairs then tough!
  • Children's Toys - It sounds mean but I hardly ever buy toys for the children. They have loads because they get them for presents from their grandparents and aunts and uncles and friends.

  • I hope that you have enjoyed this little insight. If you want to write a similar article please make sure that you credit Suburban Wife's Daily Dollar for her fantastic idea. Feel free to leave a link in the comments to your article so I can get some tips form you!


    Melbel said...

    I don't buy dryer sheets either. My husband insist on them, but I tell him that they're pointless and he forgets about them.

    I don't buy bottled water because they put chlorine in our water. It smells like a swimming pool, but is safe to drink. In the city we are moving to, we will have to buy bottled water because the water isn't safe to drink.

    Quilted loo roll. We don't buy it because it fills up the septic and we have to get it pumped more often. We don't have city sewer here.

    Strawberries - only when in season. Otherwise we get Mexican strawberries which are famous for having hepatitis in them.

    Cable tv - I don't really care about what's on tv so I opt out.

    Mobile phone - that's the only phone we have, but when we get a house, I'm hoping to use a home phone.

    Hair dye - I have a thyroid problem and am going gray because we cannot afford the medication for it. I don't get hair dye though.

    Children's toys - My husband, although he acts like a child, gets no toys.

    Rachel said...

    LOL re your husband. Mine like 'big boys toys' too but he hasn't been allowed any lately either.

    mick said...

    Yes, I think we get taken in by ads and the like that certain things are 'essential' when they aren't in reality.

    Must admit I do have a mobile phone but it gets little use. It annoys me when I hear people, such as in a supermarket, phoning their other half to see what sort of soup they should buy etc. (Obviously home made soup is best!)

    And fruits and veg should be what is in season. I'm sure if everyone did this we would all be a lot healthier.

    But, of course, it's possible to be too sensible in life!

    Best wishes,

    Rachel said...

    I must admit that I often phone my husband from the supermarket to ask him if he needs anything as I haven't bothered to check before leaving the house. I am sure if it was that urgent he would have put it on the list!

    I do waste money though - I love biscuits and sweets but cannot tolerate sugar so spend money on sugar-free ones. I also like my house hot and do not like putting sweaters on when it is cold.