Monday, April 07, 2008

Extra Mortgage Money

As you may know I am trying to make enough money each month for the next 5 years to pay at least £750 off of my mortgage balance each month. I have managed this for the last 3 months and am really pleased - especially as most months I paid even more than £750. However, it seems that this month may be the exception. I have not got many stand by savings due to some of my husbands work expenses not being paid until the end of the month. I am being careful not to spend too much on the credit card but he will have some more expenses this month as well. I am hoping my earnings will be high enough to be abl eto top up my savings account and pay some money off the mortgage but at the moment it does not look too promising. I just hope that all of the hard work I am putting in will pay off.


Melbel said...

Have you considered putting a thermometer up on your site that you can update everytime you pay toward that mortgage? I have found that many people click on my thermometers and a lot of those people return. I think it's an interesting thing to see people work toward their goals.

Rachel said...

It is an interesting idea but I will have to decide what my goal is first! I know I want to pay off my mortgage but the webste is making a million pounds so that may be more relevant to the site. I will give it some thought.