Friday, April 11, 2008

Homepage Only Links

With the way that blogger is set up, I thought it was impossible to set up homepage only links. However, I have come across this fantastic website which gave me the answer - put them in a seperate widget and change the code so that shows on the homepage only. It is fantastic. If you need any help at all with blogger problems I woudl suggest you head right over to Beta Blogger for Dummies and get some fantastic help. Even a girly non-techie like me could get her head round it!

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John said...

That would be brilliant if it works.

I've just had aquick look but I can't see the widget code in the html. Have you had any luck?

John (

Rachel said...

Yes, it is definately working. My featured Ads II section / widget only appears on the homepage.

John said...

Sorted - all works brilliantly
Thanks for pointing it out Rachel. + this code = happy bloggers :-)

Rachel said...

Thats great!