Thursday, April 10, 2008

If you have more, you want more.... does it follow that if you have less you want less?

I was chatting with my husband last night about our goals post paying off our mortgage. The house needs a lot of cosmetic work done on it and it makes sense to clear the mortgage and then change the windows, have new floors, have the family bathroom refurbished and paint everywhere, to make the whole house look lovely. The children will be older so hopefully the new look will last!

I would really like a clutter free and completely tidy house. I used to have this until I met my husband who has a lot of stuff and is not good at putting things away. I have been trying to throw one significant item away a day in order to clear some clutter and I am also trying to reduce the amount of stock that my company has so that I can clear some room in my office for some of his things.

It got me thinking. When we buy a lot of things people say that it just makes us want more. However, it does not seem to be the case that if we have very little then we want even less....or does it? I have never had very little so I am not sure, but what I do know is that I can do without a lot of the clutter that I have at the moment.


Melbel said...

Yeah, I've learned from my parents that it's best to remodel when kids are older. We tore things up. Ugh, my husband is a clutter collector. I hate clutter, but one thing leads to another and our living area gets cluttered. I am hoping that when we get our own home maybe he'll have some pride in that kind of stuff.

Rachel said...

We had a chat about it last night and he admitted that he could probably get rid of a shelf worth of stuff and some things that are stored in the garage. I also suggested that he copy his 200 videos onto DVD so that we could clear a whole cupboard and he store them in a folder with plastic sleeves.

Anonymous said...

We live quite clutter free now, due to the fact that I've sold it all on eBay of Amazon :)

Rachel said...

Yes I keep doing that but there is still loads to sell!