Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Shares are Doing Well!

The UK stock market is not doing particularly well. I but some shares each month through a company and the are taken from a cross section of companies. The return that I get is set up to track the market average. I have done this because I know very little about shares and doing it this way is cheaper than payinga fund manager. Since Christmas my shares had been losing value but I didn't mind as it mean't that I was getting more units for my money each month. However, it does make me rather nervous as this money is going to contribute to the funds paying off my mortgage and I would prefer it if they rocketed! On checking them this morning it looks like they have gone up again and they are now worth over £13,000. This is 13% of my total mortgage so I am really pleased as with the £8,000 I have already saved plus the £1500 we have in premium bonds we are almost a quarter of the way there.

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