Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Paid by - at last!

I have been paid by This is the first payment into my Alertpay account. It did take longer than the 30 days that they are supposed to take to pay upgraded members but as they changed the payment method to Alertpay after I requested the payment I think that caused some extra delays. I have managed to accumulate about $80 since requesting this payment so I will be interested to see how long that will take to reach me, as until I get that it is not worth withdrawing the £5 from my Alertpay account as they charge £2.25 per withdrawal.


Melbel said...

2.25, wow that's kind of steep. I would definitely wait until that's built up quite a bit. I would actually let that be an account that I wouldn't touch... just let it add up each month until I feel there's enough to where 2.25 is a drop in the bucket.

Rachel said...

I know what you mean, my next payment is due to be $80 so once that comes in then it should be worth withdrawing the money.