Friday, April 11, 2008

Progress Thermometer

Melbel suggested in a comment on one of my previous posts about raising extra mortgage money that I should put a progress thermometer on my site so my readers could see my progress. I took look at the site and put my data into a thermometer as you can see below. I found it quite depressing to see that I haven't even paid off 10% yet. I decided that I wasn't ready to have it on my site yet.

school fundraising ideas
Fund raising thermometer
to track your fund raising events


Melbel said...

I can totally understand what it feels like to feel like what you're doing is just a drop in the bucket, but you've been earning quite quickly and I'm sure that this will increase in no time. If you ever need any help with your blog whether it's with a layout or traffic, I've got some good resources and will help for free.

Rachel said...

Thank you very much for your comment, that is very kind of you.

One Green-Paper Flip said...

Are you serious? You've made 8900 pounds and you're depressed? My site is only at $450! If I made as much as you I would be DREAMING! You should be proud of how you've done! This is no small amount!

Rachel said...

I can see whta you mean - it just seems a long way off from the 100,000 I need to make.