Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Cleaning Time

I had a massive sort out in the house today as, as part of our future plan we need to get rid of some clutter. I now have 3 binbags of things for charity and the same to throw away. I also found my old Epson Stylus Photo 2100 A3+ Printer which I used to use when I was selling prints as part of my business. It is a fantastic quality printer, producing flawless photos, but I just do not have room for it in my office and it seems silly for it to be sitting in the under stairs cupboard, when someone could be using it. So it is up on eBay and will clear me some room and hopefully get me some extra funds for my mortgage.


2ThePoint said...

Hi Rachel

I'm about to start a bit of spring cleaning myself. I'm dreading it but I've had so much junk for so long. Anything that doesn't sell on eBay HAS to go to a charity shop.

take care...

Rachel said...

I have continued my cleaning out today - we now have 4 bon baggs and 4 boxes books for charity and 3 bin bags of rubbish - it feels so satisfying!