Wednesday, April 02, 2008

There is no Such Thing as Free TV

My father was complaining the other day about how much advertising there is on the BBC when we pay a TV licence which is supposed to fund the programs without the need for advertising.

It got me thinking about the fact that I have always thought of TV as free and refuse to pay for satellite as I feel it is an expense we can do without. But when accessing my monthly expenses the other day, it clicked that we are paying £11.50 a month for our TV licence. Although, we are still saving money by not having satelite TV, I am still paying for this service.

At the moment the licence is only necessary if you have a TV set connected to an aerial or if you have a TV card in your computer. This means that I can watch BBC iplayer, ITV streaming and 4 on demand for free, at the moment at least (I have heard rumours that the government are going to try to make everyone with a computer have a TV licence).

I only have thre barriers in my way...2 children and a husband who all love television and watching it on big TV sets. I even tried suggesting the idea to my husband and he had a two word answer and the second word was off!!


jay said...

s'pose the first one wasn't 'switch' then...?

Rachel said...!!