Wednesday, April 09, 2008

This Months Progress

I feel like I have been working extra hard this month. I have been working from early in the morning until late at night will no time off really (well apart from having to cook the meals, do the household chores, talk a 90 minute walk to the post office daily and look after the children). I thought it would be interesting to calculate exactly what I have done so far this month as I know I have done a lot :
  • Forum Posting - 2500 words

  • Blogposts - 6600 words

  • Blog comments - 5000 words

  • Article Writing - 20588 words

  • Link Clicking - 1000 clicks

  • That doesn't include the stuff I don't get paid for such as chatting on forums, updating my blog and looking for work. I have written nearly 35000 words which is more than I wrote for my masters dissertation and I took 4 months to do that and had no children to look after or household chores to do - no wonder I am feeling like I need a day off! I feel pretty pleased with myself though especially as the article writing took quite a lot of research as well - just shows what I can achieve if I put my mind to it ;)


    Melbel said...

    I didn't know you have a masters. What's it in, if I may ask?

    Rachel said...

    It is in research methods in psychology. The research side is coming in very useful.