Thursday, April 10, 2008

Treasure Trooper = Fun & Free Way to Earn Money

I have found a really fun website where users can make money by doing surveys, offers, or by shopping. Unlike other many other websites, Treasure Trooper has actually paid their users and has proof that speaks for itself.

The thing that users love most about Treasure Trooper is the fact that they basically get paid to have fun. With a Treasure Hunt that pays out $100 that each user has the chance to do and many other contests, it's no wonder Treasure Trooper is the #1 gpt website!

With the fact that there is the choice to get paid, not only by check, but by PayPal as well, Treasure Trooper has quickly become a choice among college students who don't always have access to a bank. What's also great is that Treasure Trooper is 100% free. There is no membership fee like those other sites that make empty promises.

Got a competitive streak? Check out the guild section where you can compete with other guilds for prizes.


2ThePoint said...

Hi Rachel

I joined TreasureTrooper and Cashcrate a while ago at the same time. I wasn't too impressed with Cashcrate and TreasureTrooper had offers I'd already done on other sites, plus there weren't that many tasks for UK residents. So I gave up on both. However, I hear TT now have more offers, so I might check them out.

Good luck hitting your target this month!

take care...

Rachel said...

Thank you very much.