Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Website Review : Top 100 Web Hosts

The Top 100 Web Hosts is a website which has lists of top web hosts. The top 100 hosts that they list are split into ten categories : top ten Windows hosts, top ten Unix hosts, top ten reseller hosts, top ten VPS hosts, top ten dedicated hosts, top ten Wordpress hosts, top ten PHP hosts, top ten ecommerce hosts, top ten business hosts and top ten email hosts. There are also useful articles about how to choose between the top hosts for your site. There are a number of articles on the subject of web hosting – giving you enough information to calculate what criteria you should be using when deciding on a top web hosting company, what questions to ask your potential hosting company and how a good web host can help improve your search engine position. They have even nominated a best hosting provider for 2007/2008 so you can find out which company they rate above all others.

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This website is the top I enjoyed it to a large extent