Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Wood Pellet Stoves

It is becoming more popular to have wood pellet stoves in your home. They have advantages over central heating systems as they look very pretty and can form a focal point in a room. They are much more efficient then ordinary wood burning stoves and come in many elegant designs. The wood pellet stoves can even have a boiler integrated into them so they can heat hot water and run the central heating system. They are very easy to light – just a touch of a button and you can even program the stoves to come on at off at set times in the same way that you would program a normal central heating system. They have the added bonus of being environmentally friendly as the fuel has low carbon content. So if you are looking for a new clean, effective and efficient way to heat your home then it is worth taking a look at what wood pellet stoves can offer.

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