Saturday, May 17, 2008

Comparing prices - Lunch

I decided to have a look at the prices of lunches. People often say that you can save a lot of mony by making sandwiches your self. I decided to test this theory as well as comparing the cost of different sandwich filling and different brands of bread. This is what I found :

Cost per 100g wholemeal bread:
Hovis classic - 18p
Nimble - 17p
Hovis Best of Both - 17p
Warburtons - 17p
Tesco Finest - 14p
Kingsmill - 13p
Tesco value - 8p

Sandwich fillings per 100g:
Cheese (Mature slices) - 64p
Lettuce, Tomato and Houmous - 60p
Quorn Ham - 28p
Peanut Butter - 20p
Jam - 15p

Crisps per 100g:
Pringles - 87p
Salt and Shake - 74p
Tesco Finest - 65p
Hula Hoops - 65p
Seabrook - 53p
Tesco Value - 21p

I then calculated that if you made your own sandwich using Warburtons bread, cheese and tomato and had a pack of Tesco Finest Crisps it would cost a total of £0.84 (If you used value bread and had jam instead you could save even more money). If you bought a cheese and tomato sandwich from Tesco and a pack of loose crisps (they only have Walkers available in single packs) your lunch would cost £1.68. So you can halve the cost of your lunch by making it yourself. If you buy lunch from a take away sandwich shop or sandwich van it is likely to be even more expensive than this.

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