Sunday, May 25, 2008

Eating Out

Yesterday I ate out for lunch. I went to a US style diner with my parents, husband and children. My husband had decided we should all go out and we split the meal cost between us. I did wonder whether it was good value for money. I had a roasted vegetable risotto, my husband had calzone, the children shared a kids menu pizza (they only ate half between them and we brought the rest home), my parents had a coated chicken breast on a bed of spaghetti with chips. We all had a soft drink and two of us had coffee. The meal cost about £46 altogether, £23 per family. It got me thinking as to how much that would have costed had I made it at home. I am sure it would have been cheaper, I would have kept it healthier (my meal was rather greasy and salty and my Mum couldn't eat all of hers and the chips on my parents meal were unecessary. My husband had all meat in his dish (meatballs, peperoni and bolognaise). At least I had some vegetables and the boys had free carrots and broccoli with their meal. I love cooking but just thinking of new things to cook that the boys will eat is a problem for me. I do not need to eat out for help with this (I asked my husband to help and that is why he chose for us to eat out) and I am sure we could have eaten for a whole weekend for that price. I do wonder whether it is better to just eat out once a year and pay a premium price to get something really fantastic, rather than paying an average amount and getting something that you could reproduce fairly easily at home.

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