Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Free Cash Money Gifts

Free Cash Money Gifts is a site I mentioned a while ago. It is owned by a friend of mine, who I know to be totally honest. It is a website which pays you to complete offers, do surveys and sign up to websites. It is a great and quick way to earn some extra money.

The site is free to join and the minimum payout amount is $10. I have already earned over $8 in just a few days. There are new offers being added all the time so you shoudl find some things that interest you and pay well.

There is a referral contest with 10 prizes which ends at the end of June. The top prize is $100 and there are hardly any contenders at the moment, so it is well worth joining just for that. As there are so few members, chances are you can get lots of referrals to sign up and be in with a great chance of winning the contest.


Caroline (works from home) said...

Rachel, I am currently looking for sites that pay to take surveys so I will take a look. do you know of any other survey sites.

Rachel said...


I belong to several good survey sites. One is called Pure Profile and the other You Gov. I have been paid by both and they are great fun to use.