Monday, May 05, 2008

Frugal Envy

I read a blog and someone used this term and I thought it was great. I am only sorry that I cannot remember which blog it was as I cannot credit the author.

I am suffering from frugal envy tonight. I was just discussing someone with my husband and how they have a perfect house but are spending money in extending it and it made me feel like I wanted a really nice house too. They also earn a lot of money and although they work hard, I do too! I know that I cannot have my cake and eat it - I cannot be debt free and have lots of nice things, but I do sometimes feel that I would like to see some more results to all my efforts, the mortgage seems to be going down so slowly.

Rant over, sorry!


Melbel said...

I totally know where you're coming from. Even though, the two of you aren't near the payoff point when it comes to your mortgage doesn't mean that you guys will never be able to afford the nice things. Think about it this way, when you do pay it off, you'll enjoy it all the more.

Amino said...

It's funny that I came across the term the other day on a blog but can't remember where. Weird!

Rachel said...

I know that you are right and that we will have a much better quality of life in the future. I need to just stop focussing on what I want to do with the house and keep thinking about the mortgage being paid off.

Xinfinitum said...

Hi Rachel,

I think I suffer from frugal envy as well, only mine is a little different. I envy those people that can be even more frugal than me due to my present circumstances.

I want a smaller house so I use less oil for heat, less property taxes, less maintenance, less lawn to mow etc. etc.

Less is more for me at this point but it is hard to get rid of the stuff once you have it. It is better to never get it in the first place.

Not having a mortgage is far better than having a bigger or nicer home. No mortgage means freedom, a bigger house means just more bondage and cost (that never seems to decrease only increase).

Less is the new More.


Rachel said...

You make a good point. I have just had another clear out of my house and managed to fill a car load for the rubbish tip, a boot load for charity and a car load to pass onto someone. It feels fantastic to have got rid of so much stuff.

Thinking about maintaining the house you make a great point too. Ours is pretty pricey what with painting the wood outside and decorating inside, having a brand new big house sounds like a great idea but of course that maintenance work will need to be done, more of it too.