Friday, May 02, 2008

Website Review : Social Spark

SocialSpark is a new website which has been set up by IZEA who run the Pay Per Post website. It has similarities to the site, in that you can blog for money. However, there are some differences too. Firstly you can reserve an opportunity and then you get 12 hours to complete it. Secondly you can exchange reviews with other members of the site in order to swap links. Thirdly you can take opportunities to have your blog sponsored. What happens is that you paste some code into your blog and then there will be a pop-up advert when your blog is first accessed and then a line at the bottom saying that the blog is sponsored. You can specify how long the ad runs for and you can cancel it if you wish to. As it is quite a new site there are not a huge amount of opportunities but if you like blogging for money, then it is well worth signing up and taking a look to see whether there are any opportunities that you qualify for. They share similar ethics to Pay Per Post - they have an audit able in post disclosure (such as the one at the bottom of this post), they are transparent, contain real opinions and are search engine friendly. There is also a community side to the site where you can make friends with other members. The site is easy to navigate and use and members can even leave comments on the opportunities so that you can see what others who have done it, thought about it, before you participate. Sponsored by SocialSpark

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