Friday, June 20, 2008

Adsense Earning - part 2

I was thinking about what I had done with regards to blog commenting last month. I did several things. On some blogs I just left comments. On others I I left a number of comments - so many that I was listed on the blog as being one of the most frequent commmentors. I wonder whether it is this that helped my click throughs rather than the mass of random comments that I made. I therefore have tried just commenting lots of times on one of the two sites that I tried this on. I will then see how this effects my Google Adsense statistics. This should help me to understand exactly what it is that is having an effect on my figures.


Melbel said...

I have found that doing this, does increase my revenue. I must say, when I originally commented on your blog that was my I guess "ploy."

Anyway, I did get clicks, not sure from you but out of it I guess I can say I got a friendship.

Rachel said...

Thanks Mel, it has been great to form a friendship and I do visit your blog regularly, although I do not click ads unless I am genuinely and really interested in them.