Thursday, June 19, 2008

Adsense Earnings Increase

I have just been reading the latest proven earners article on Blog to Earn Carnival. There is an interesting article in Mikes Money Making Mission about how he has increased his Adsense revenue this month. Interestingly my Adsense earnings have increased too.

Unlike Mike, I have not changed the position or style of my advertisements. I have been commenting on other blogs. This promotion seems to have increased the amount of clicks through my Adsense advertisements. This could of course, be a coincidence, but I will be trying it again this month to see whether my earnings are high again.


Mike Perry said...

Commenting on other blogs increases click throughs ... never really thought about this.

Is it because this increases traffic?

Must give this some thought as I know I don't generally make enough comments.

Now pulling on my thinking cap!


P.S. Thanks for link.

Rachel said...

I am going to keep experimenting with it and see whether I can see it making any difference.