Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Food Spending

Having seen that my food and household bills have gone up by three times since 2001 I thought it would be interesting to look at the figures in more detail.

2001 - £201.54
2002 - £200.85
2003 - £276.40
2004 - £302.85
2005 - £368.23
2006 - £436.73
2007 - £429.06
2008 - £572.28

This is very interesting. The children came along in 2005 and their food, nappies and toiletries are included in the figures. Also included is all other food, toiletries and cleaning products.

It is quite tricky to work out where the increases have come from. Some will have come from the additional two members of the family! Some will have come from increases in prices. I am also assuming that because our salaries have increased during this time, it is likely that we have been spending more. We now buy more fresh fruit and vegetables and less convenience foods. We have eaten out less since the children came along but we do have take outs sometimes, although that is also less often nowadays. It would be fantastic if we could get back down to the 2002 figure but £200 a month was £3 per person per day on food, toiletries and household items. That seems almost impossible to me now. I also feel that now I have children, I am not prepared to also buy budget food because I want to make sure that get good quality, healthy things.

However, I still think that I should set a grocery shopping budget in order to make sure that I keep a closer eye on prices and what I am spending. I would love to set a budget for this month but I have already spent £403 and my husband went food shopping last night. perhaps if we can keep it below £500 this month it will be a good start.


earn more moola. said...

You are so good at accounts keeping. Unfortunately because I am moving around a lot and haven't got my own place it is hard to keep up but once I have a home and settle then I am going to do the same.

Rachel said...

I guess I have just got into the habit of it - having to do it for my business, I just did it for the home as well. It is a good way to make sure that I am saving and investing enough money.