Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Grocery spending - Action Plan

I have decided that I need to think of specific ways to help reduce my grocery spending. I have decided on an action plan:

- Replace on cup of tea a day with a glass of water (healthier and cheaper)
- Water down juices by 50% (lower in calories and cheaper)
- Buy milk from the supermarket in the town centre which is cheaper than the local one.
- Cut down avocado purchases to just one pack of two a week
- Avoid going to the expensive local supermarket so often by buying more bread during the weekly shop and freezing it
- Buy less biscuits, fruit bars and other snack foods for the children, replace with fresh fruit
- Avoid buying take outs and expensive ready meals
- Do not eat out
- Check out the discount shop in town to see if it has cheaper cleaning products, toiletries and food products. Only useful for branded goods
- Use up food products in the home which have been hanging around a while

I will fill you in on how I get on!

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