Friday, June 27, 2008

More Money Off the Mortgage!

My husbands tax rebate has appeared in the bank account at last as well as some extra money that I have earned. I have managed to pay a further £1123 off the mortgage (making a total of £1873 this month!) This means that my oustanding balance is now £86994.50.

I have decided to put my repayment target date forward. It was 23rd December 2014. But I have decided that I would like it paid off before my 40th birthday - seems like a good milestone. We have therefore decided on a new target date of 23rd December 2012. That means we have to pay off £1650 a month - at the moment we are paying £1483 on a standard month (into investments as well which we intend to cash in to pay off the mortgage) and normally a bit extra so this should be attainable for us.


Melbel said...

That sounds like a really good plan! I think of all people, you would be one to make it. I really like seeing each month how you are doing, that is a really good feature on this blog.

Rachel said...

Thanks Mel, the support of my blog readers really helps my determination too.