Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Site on Getrefs

If you are a member of Getrefs then you will be aware of how the site allows you to earn credits which you can trade to get referrals for sites you are a member of. A while ago I requested that Free Money Cash Gifts be added to their list of websites. The great news is that it now has been. This means that you can use your credits to get more referrals for Free Cash Money Gifts. With their referrals contest ending at the end of this month, then this could be a great way of getting new signups.

I would suggest that you try to encourage the people signing up to do at least one offer or else they will not count towards your entries in the referral contest. There seem to be a lot of people joining under my referral (I now have more than 100) but only 8 are (or have been) active. This means that at least 92 people have joined up and then done nothing. I wonder why people bother. Why join a site and then do nothing on there?

Some websites have a way of contacting referrals so that you can send them emails and try to encourage them to be active. Personally I have tried this and found this to make no difference at all. I would suggest that the best way of getting an active referral is to get someone you know to sign up and then plead with them, bribe them or be very persuasive until they become active!

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