Sunday, June 01, 2008

May Earnings

Pay to Blog - £141.42
Pay Per Post - £48.00
Paid Blogging - £12.50
Sponsored Reviews - £3.25
Private Reviews - £44.35
Blogpayz - £5.82
Blogitive - £5.00
Smorty - £6.00
Social Spark - £16.50
Cashback - £76.18
Quidco - £76.18
Writing - £89.41
Forum posting - £3.47
Article Writing - £70.95
Blog Commenting - £14.99
Get Paid To - £3.88
Free cash Money Gifts - £3.88
Other - £91.02
Link sales - £156.81
Matched - £38.00
Money4Banners - £10.00
Waterproof Memo Board Sale - £7.95
Amazon Commission - £25.96
Jem Investments - £8.54
Forum Avatar sale - £0.57

This makes my total earnings in May to £476.47. A pretty disappointing amount compared to what I earned in April. However, taking everything into consideration (such as the fact that I took a weeks holiday, it was half term which slows things down and I was unwell for a week) I know I should be pleased! I did still manage to pay my target amount off my mortgage and I now owe just £88,843!


Melbel said...

You are really chiseling away at that mortgage, though. Keep up the good work.

Too bad PayPerPost isn't what it used to be. I'm glad to see that you're selling your memo boards.

I hope to see you earn more in the next coming months. The hard thing is that I've noticed that it's getting more difficult to find work.

I'm hoping to get more ad spots on but it doesn't look like they're going to be picking up any further areas of my blog.

Rachel said...

I have sold another memo board again this evening which is great. I was hoping for a few more spots on Matched as well...we shall see what happens.