Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saving Gas Prices

I have been so many articles on blogs about saving fuel as it is getting so expensive to drive cars. I have lately been seeing adverts for how to convert your car to run on water and have wondered how this would work. I am happy with my hybrid car and how it runs on petrol and electricity but anyone who does not have this option may be interested in reading about how to convert their car to run partially on water to help save them money.


Melbel said...

I wonder how this works too. It looks a bit scammy though. I think I would have heard of this before in my search to find a more environmentally friendly way to run my car.

I would love to get a hybrid. What kind of car do you have? We want a Toyota Prius so badly!

Rachel said...

We have a Toyota Prius, ours is an older model so not quite as efficient as the newer ones. In the UK the second hand ones are actually increasing in value at the moment!

discountautoparts said...

interesting! thanks for the post.